Environmental and engineering control to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the year 2020, the world has been held hostage by a highly contagious virus called ‘COVID-19’. Novel coronavirus can spread very rapidly in healthcare facility, if proper engineering controls are not followed.

Isolation Rooms & Testing Labs


Our experienced team can efficiently build isolation rooms and Corona virus testing labs for health care facilities. At some hospitals ordinary rooms can be converted into isolation facilities where site permits. We also have the capability to design and provide consultancy regarding healthcare set up, we can further review your designs and provide you with any significant changes that need to be made, by implementing basic engineering practices, which can minimize local transmission of viruses/pathogens. 

Designing & Construction of Isolation Rooms


Our services include, designing and construction of isolation rooms, wards and labs. COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalisation will be accommodated in ‘’ Negative-pressure rooms ‘’. Negative-pressure rooms are specifically designed for patients with contagious diseases. The room air distribution system of an isolation room is designed in such a way, that clean air comes (from the opposite side of the bed) and contaminated air is exhausted just above the patient’s bed from wall.  Another exhaust outlet is also recommended below the patient’s bed slightly above the floor level. Isolation rooms shall have dedicated exhaust system and it is exhausted at the top of the building, but only after it goes through a special filter that filters out 99.97 percent of anything in the air. 

Innovation & Efficient One Source Solutions.


We at Universal Engineering Services design and innovate with the aim to deliver quality ‘One Source’ service providers. Universal Engineering Services is renowned for its innovation, efficient solutions and by collaborating successfully with our customers, designers, sub-contractors, as well as suppliers, we can provide a highly specialized level of services including isolation rooms and Corona testing labs. Currently there are four labs designed and built by Universal Engineering Services, being used for testing COVID-19.

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