Design assist

As an innovator in the field, we embrace latest trends and techniques to stay ahead of the curve and serve our clients in a way that makes us unique. When it comes to complex building projects, Building Team member firms that deliver design, engineering, and construction services bring very different perspectives to the job. Design is all about possibilities. Engineering is about rooting those ideas in reality. Construction is about getting the work done. We make it our responsibility to offer you the best possible design during the pre-construction phase with impeccable quality.

Our Design Assist professional is an engineering representative of the installing contractor throughout the design phase of a project. Our engineer becomes an integral active member of the design team and is the installing contractors link into the design process. The design assist will involve the means and method, cost estimating, and scheduling in the appropriate design meetings.

Design-assist is a procurement method that we offer by which one or more subcontractors are retained, prior to the completion of design, to assist the architect, engineer, or construction manager in the development of the design and construction documents. We bring together many different disciplines so early in the process to offer you a pre-construction design; this helps you to identify the needs of your project and allows you to come up with an optimal design before the construction phase. We help you create a successful build by assisting you in the design phase.