Health Care

UES brings its integrated approach to the healthcare industry, collaborating with facility owners and doctors throughout every stage of the design and construction process to create safe, innovative and state-of-the-art healthcare projects. Our goal is to develop facilities that offer improved outcomes for the professionals and patients who use them. We make it our priority to provide environmental control solutions based upon international hospital design guidelines by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers), WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

Advances in healthcare technology to changing patient demographics and reimbursements, institutions like yours are facing revolutionary transformations affecting the delivery of efficient, patient-centered care. When these changes result in the need for updates/renovations or a new facility, you can turn to UES for healthcare building solutions that are innovative, efficient and plan for the unique construction challenges of the healthcare market.

Studies show that patients in controlled ventilation environment have more rapid physical improvement than do those in uncontrolled environment.

Healthcare facility environmental control (which includes space layout for proper work flow, civil construction, temperature, humidity, air cleanliness, air directions, space pressurization, emergency power, lighting, communication and isolation) is an essential part whether it is complete hospital, laboratory, patient ward or research facility.

Environmental control is not for usual comfort of occupants, it is for prevention of nosocomial infections (hospital acquired infections) to healthcare workers, patients and visitors. Besides, it protects surrounding environment and specimen itself from being contaminated.

Whether building a new community hospital, renovating an urban emergency room, navigating industry regulations, ensuring infection control or planning for rapidly changing medical technology our services will help you acquire the facility you need while ensuring zero disruption of patient care and safety of all the visitors and staff. Infection control and Interim Life Safety Measures take on another level of criticality when working within occupied healthcare facilities.

Our full service approach involves all elements of planning, design and construction, including specialized capabilities in lean design and construction, QA/QC, commissioning and warranty. We design healthcare facilities with specific safety plans for health, hazard and contamination, integrating these services into already complex healthcare projects.

We provide complete engineering design and construction for:

  • Surgery and operation theatre
  • Intensive care unit (ICU) and critical care unit (CCU)
  • Tuberculosis laboratory
  • HVAC systems for the entire facility/hospital
  • Positive and negative pressure isolation room
  • Clean room
  • Pharmacy and drug preparation area
  • Patient ward
  • Control systems and Alarms
  • Burns’ ward
  • Bone marrow transplant (BMT) suite
  • Radiology suite
  • Biosafety level (BSL) Labs

We’re at the forefront of healthcare building trends, continuously updating our policies to stay ahead of the curve in every aspect of the design and construction process. We offer designs that are analyzed through CFD simulation software, helping us to identify critical parameters like temperature, air cleanliness through particle tracing, air directions, velocity profiles, space pressurization and more that may have an impact on the environment control. Our BIM (Building Information Modelling) through state of the art software, enables us to optimize your resources to the fullest for a sustainable and efficient design; aided with 3-D models, renders and integration of MEP, HVAC and civil layouts early in the design stage.

Our buildings are created with flexibility for future medical technology so that doctors, nurses and technicians can constantly improve their level of care, without wasting valuable patient time and money on lengthy and expensive renovations.