Energy modelling

Energy modeling informs the design process, saving time and money by supporting early decision making. Our building energy modeling and analysis services help you in predicting the energy performance and optimize the energy consumption of buildings right from the conceptual stage. We ensure an efficient project delivery that is aimed at assisting clients gain necessary compliance and certifications like ASHRAE.

We use various innovative systems, technologies and design tools to help optimizing our clients’ designs and perform value engineering to analyze various systems and alternatives, reduce costs and provide energy use reduction solutions. Our building energy modeling experts use state of the art software tools for building renovation and retrofit projects, that further helps owners to realize the economic impact of various architectural designs and MEP systems.

Our energy modeling processes are used to rapidly identify the most effective energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies to employ in schematic design, as well as to document all of the actual strategies implemented in the final design.

Energy Analysis for Concept Design

Preliminary building energy analysis to gain insights on concept designs
Integrated analysis for evaluating concept design compatibility with multi-disciplines
Energy consumption comparison for alternative design concepts
CFD based air flow simulation for early optimization of ventilation performance and thermal comfort

Energy Analysis for Detailed Design

Whole-building energy analysis for detailed design process
Efficiency optimization for green building certification requirements
HVAC design optimization for optimized human comfort conditions

We specialize in offering the following Energy Modeling services:

  • Energy Modeling, Analysis, Simulation
  • Analysis of various HVAC and lighting systems
  • Daylight simulations and views analysis
  • Fenestration analysis
  • Internal and external CFD simulations and studies
  • Review of passive design techniques and their feasibility for buildings
  • Whole building energy simulations
  • Wall and roof assembly optimization

We have incorporated energy modeling in our projects ranging from oil & gas, power plants, FMCGs heavy industries, retail, real estate, health care and education sectors.

Our energy analysts and simulation specialists support you in Building Energy Modeling, Simulation & Analysis services for new built and as built buildings.