Tuberculosis Lab Air Ventilation System

Tuberculosis (TB) Laboratory Facility Engineering

TB lab, also known as containment laboratory, is one of the most critical facility in a healthcare setting. These labs under operation can spread infections to environment, laboratory workers, hospital general visitors and animals. Agents under diagnosis in these labs can be potentially infectious and may cause lethal repercussions.

TB diagnosis lab is a primary requirement for identification, analysis & treatment of mycobacterium TB in the patients. These labs are on major requirement of today as the victims of the disease are numerous & increasing day by day.

To make TB lab safe, specific lab practices must be strictly followed and environmental engineering controls must be integrated.

UES provide optimum solutions for designing, development, installation, commissioning, maintenance and validation for TB Labs.

We have designs/options for TB lab as per requirement which include different physical sizes of TB lab, placement of lab equipment like biological safety cabinet (BSC), double door autoclave, MGIT, centrifuge, etc., work bench material which are chemical resistant and air-conditioning systems.

UES follows design criterion of air-conditioning and ventilation system for TB labs including special characteristics which control air direction and air pressure that will maintain safe lab environment.

Remote areas and country sides where proper hospitals are not available, can be provided 100{84c6d669113bab01bc05647affae7936a1b677516356c5219ce60af989268d96} functional Tuberculosis Lab within 40 feet container(s) which can be transported anywhere. UES has designs to build containerized labs. These containers include TB lab’s mandatory equipment, workbench and complete air-conditioning system to maintain negative pressure, indoor temperature, air changes per hour and directional air flow along with HEPA filtered exhaust air.