Establishment of BSL 3, BSL2 and Molecular Laboratories at Woodcraft Building

Site: Indus Hospital, Karachi
Engineering discipline: Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
Services Provided: Design, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning

Scope of work:

  • Site Construction as per design.
  • Ventilation/air-conditioning design, supply, installation and commissioning as per international WHO/ASHRAE/CDC standards.
  • Installation of AHUs, AFUs with HEPA Filter (99.99{84c6d669113bab01bc05647affae7936a1b677516356c5219ce60af989268d96} efficiency) and split-type air conditioning systems.
  • Complete electrical work of laboratories’ including wiring of medical equipment, cabling work, electrical control panels, DBs, power sockets, etc.
  • Air ducting work, refrigerant tubing work and insulation work of ducts and pipes
  • Architectural finish including self-leveling epoxy flooring, ceiling, walls as per international guidelines
  • Instrumentation and control work including building management system (BMS) for HVAC system to monitor and control laboratory negative pressure and HEPA differential pressure, etc.
  • Installation and validation of biological safety cabinet along with its exhaust system.
  • Plumbing works including water supply and drainage.
  • Air balancing work as per design