Our Services


Universal Engineering Services (UES), in addition to its engineering consultancy services, has been providing the Operation & Maintenance Services to its Clients and Industries as well. We provide services in different areas such as HVACR, Electrical, Instrumentation, Plumbing, Boiler Operation etc.

Working in the background, UES’ facilities management is the essential spine of a successful organization, freeing it to fulfil its core function, from generating profits to serving a community’s needs. UES takes the strain out of running your support services and free up your time and money to concentrate on what really matters to your organization. The facility management team is assigned depending on the scope, size, and specific nature of the services to be rendered at Client’s site.

Our professional team is well supported and in align with our rich experience of managing Installation, commissioning, and maintenance of various projects. Our engineers have valuable experience of working in a power plant on mechanical & electrical maintenance management.

Our Technical team is professionally qualified, dedicated, experienced, and trained with values that match with our client to handle the complex Facility Management all year round. We invest in their on-going training, providing a back-office support for their on-site jobs to perform the task in a professional way. In this very concern the allied and back-office support functions are needed to be very swift, cost effective and uninterrupted that results in reducing the cost.

UES has well been into this profession for more than fifteen long years. We provided the services to prestigious organization. We believe in Quality and Safety. We give emphasis to use of safety gear, following of SOP’s, pre-job briefing & re-training of Manpower. There has been no Loss Time Injury during execution of our work.