Kashif Ali

Corporate Sales & Project Management Professional


Professional Experience

  • Versatile engineering professional with 18+ years of rich experience corporate sales, execution & team building & maintenance and 3PL logistics facilities and project management.
  • Planning, directing, and controlling the efforts of the Maintenance Team
  • Skilled in Cold Storage designing and commission with complete solutions in a cost-effective manner.
  • Competent in meeting quality & service standards based on challenging KPIs.
  • Adopt in developing, implementing, reviewing & updating policies & procedures setting benchmarks in performance in all key impact areas.
  • Proficient in building, mentoring, coaching, and motivating high performance professional teams committed to delivery of corporate goals & objectives.


As a sales project manager, his job is to create and implement sales strategies for a business or organization to grow its customer base and increase revenue. As a sales project manager, his responsibility is to define the requirements for qualified sales leads, initiate and nurture customer relationships, draft sales proposals including price quotes, and help sales agent’s close sales to meet short-term and long-term goals. Also observe the company’s sales process and identify areas for improvement.